Sunday, September 26, 2010



  1. Thanks Merissa! My sister found the little guy sitting on our lemon tree...I had fun trying to capture him! It was hard, because he wanted to keep his eye on me, and kept turning as I changed positions. I got a few fun ones though!

  2. You have a lemon tree??? Man that's so cool. Up here there's no way we could grow anything like that.

    Green is one of my favourite colours, and I totally love this shot! Plus the DOF is pretty lovely too... what apperture was this shot at?

  3. Yes, it is a Meyer Lemon which one my sisters started from a seed! It is about 3 feet tall now, and starting to branch out. We will see if it produces lemons because it may have been a hybrid, but it is a beautiful tree anyway. We keep it on our front porch which is south-facing, so it is a micro-climate perfect for growing things.

    My settings were: aperture, 5.6; shutter speed, 1/125; ISO 100; focal length, 55mm.

  4. Sarah,oh my goodness! I couldn't believe it when I saw you posted a comment on my blog :) I love your photography! IPS is one of my favorite photography programs ever!! The landscape was my favorite one so far. I have taken the design, prize winning photography 1&2 and landscape. How have you been? I love this picture a lot! lime green is one of my favorite colors :)

  5. Froggy!

    It makes me happy to read photo specs. :D I don't have anyone around locally to talk shop with.

    Anyway...thanks for stopping by, Sarah! In response to your comment, I am all in favor of getting-to-know via blogging. :) This should be fun.