Monday, November 22, 2010

Back in Blogger land...

I'm back!  I really don't have any excuse for not posting. I've had lots of time, but I just never sat down to do it.  We are enjoying a beautiful green and white snowed! Right now it is about 4 inches, and it is still coming down. That is unusual for our area at this time.

I decided it would be fun to get pictures of my siblings in this weather, so out the door we headed.  They were laughing at me because I was wearing big red slippers over my new leather boots - I didn't want to ruin them : ) I took several different poses of each one, but here are a few of the "up-close" ones.

And I'll leave you with this shot, taken earlier this morning before there was much snow:

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Amanita muscaria - Storybook mushrooms

I've always seen these mushrooms in children's books, and I like them. But it wasn't until just the other day that I saw a real one for the first time!

One morning, my sister pulled me outside, and said "you HAVE to take a picture of this!"
There were only a few at first, but over the next week there were lots of them, and they grew so big. I had so much fun capturing them with the camera.
They start off very rounded, but open up and turn out to be over 6 inches in diameter.
One of my favorite things about them is the bottom - all of those stripes!
This tiny mushroom didn't seem to fit in with the others towering over it!
God created so many wonderful things. One of them is the mushroom.