Thursday, February 3, 2011


Waikiki=The Beach Made Up Of Bodies. This picture is actually not at all crowded compared to what we had just walked through. 

We decided that we DID NOT like Waikiki. There were crazy people, and lots of people.  But even so, we are headed back through there on our way to Diamond Head and Hanauma Bay tomorrow.  

And the bus system...what an adventure that is : )  


  1. It looks like you girls are having lots of fun! The pictures are awesome. It is making me want April to be here really soon. miss you!

  2. Joanna - now I know why you like coming to Hawaii : ) We have had a wonderful time, but at the same time we have about had our fill of adventure. I don't know how the 4 of us can get into so much trouble! Mostly because of the bus system...

    We have met really nice people, and really crazy people, and in-betweens.

    We're starting to feel a little homesick. Can't wait to see you! Love, Sarah