Friday, March 16, 2012

Pikes Place Market

If you've never visited Pike Place Market, then you certainly need to do so sometime. It is a very fun place! Each time I wish I had more time to just walk through it slowly, and take lots of pictures. But for some reason each time we are a little rushed. Maybe I just need to go there by myself, or with another photographer that understands only making it a few paces in several minutes. But last time I was there, I was able to snap a few pictures that I liked. 

They are heavily edited thanks to having fun with my new version of Picasa.
There are SO many things to stop and look at. This is a jewelry stand that has lots of bright things.

There are lots of neon signs hanging in the market. They make some fun pictures!

And the produce stands. They are so cool. 

While we were there, we ended up eating at a greek place along the street. I had my first Gyro, and I am totally sold now! It was so delicious. Definitely going there again.


  1. I love how your posts tell a story with the pictures as well as what you write!

  2. Thanks Katie! I love the style of photography called "Photojournalism", but it can be hard to actually pull it off. It is where you tell a story with your pictures much more than I even do! You don't even need words to explain what is happening! I think some people are just very gifted in it, and it comes naturally for them. I got to take a class from someone like that. I want to learn how to do it even more, and your encouragement goes a long way! Thank you!